Compiled: Manage multiple on-brand profiles in one place

Enterprise: Manage multiple on-brand profiles in one place

Easily create and manage on-brand digital profiles for your people or brands, compiling their social media and more into one place.

Example use cases

  • Create Compiled profiles for both your brand and individual locations
  • Increase brand engagement on both (inter)national and regional levels
  • Use QR or NFC technology to encourage engagement (e.g. on restaurant tables, in hotel rooms, etc)
  • Rank higher on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. Allow customers to choose where they prefer to review
  • Upsell other services to existing guests
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Marketing agencies & freelancers
  • Create Compiled profiles for each of the brands you work for
  • Upsell new clients & increase retention with on-brand Compiled profiles
  • The same power of a website, but for a fraction of the cost. Much easier to manage, too!
  • Share in-depth analytics about their online presence with clients. Integrate with Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics
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Digital business cards for colleagues
  • Create a Compiled profile for each of your colleagues
  • Allow them to seamlessly share their contact details at events
  • Track which events have led to sales with in-depth analytics
  • Increase wider brand engagement through every individual connection
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Small businesses

Compiled Premium was made just for you!

Create your own Compiled profile & create that social media buzz

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